Sunday, 24 May 2009

people are talking...

I'm still on Kat's blogroll. Even after she updated it, and I've not posted in the best part of a year, and I've commented on her blog perhaps twice in that time, she still thinks I'm worthwhile. All, like, 8 posts of me. Or maybe she just hasn't looked over here in a while. Whatevs.

Still writing about writing and thinking about writing, but not a great deal of actual writing has taken place. Short stories are my love these days, and I'm in planning for a bunch of them. I'd love to publish a collection, but that could take quite a while - there's a lot of learning to be done 'tween keyboard and chair, and 'tween now and then. But I'll get there.

I twitter under Red_Ranga these days, if anyone wants more details. (Yes, I have gingervitis and therefore no soul. But I don't bite.)