Friday, 19 October 2007

Ummm... sorry.

Jaysus - I just re-read my last post. What a load of self-indulgent shite! You may say that that's the point of a blog, but to that I say nay! If I was writing for self-indulgence I'd do it on paper. I'm trying to learn how to entertain, and that certainly wasn't how it's done.

So, anyway, sorry about that.


Steph said...

But it WAS entertaining! This is your blog and you can write whatever you like. I think by restricting yourself you're actually LIMITING your creativity.
Just my opinion anyhoo.

tim said...

Cheers mate - maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but I just really dislike that last post. It wanders all over the place.

Scum Department said...

haha I think that about pretty nearly everthing I write. Don't stress, as Steph said, it is your blog, you can write what you like. A bit of self-indugence never did anyone any harm either.