Thursday, 22 November 2007

haiku. times two. times two. plus two.

So it's been a while
A long time since I've posted
What was the problem?

Well, I sold my car
Bought a new apartment, and
Got all mortgaged up

Then I bought a Wii
And learnt I need a new job
CareerOne, here I come

Then I got some suits
For the blokes in my wedding
And looked for a cake

So now I'm buggered
By which I mean tired, not that
I've changed my lifestyle.

And, just because, my favorite haiku, by Harold Morland (from memory):

Why does water laugh
While draining away, as if
At some private joke?


Steph said...

Wow! you've been busy! You're all adult-like all of a sudden :P

tim said...

And stressed out of my head, too. Things should be more organised after Christmas, though, so for the moment I'm listening to Lionel Richie and thinking about my happy place. He's a sexy sexy man.